Saturday, 7 February 2015


Peach Muggler

Time taken: Quarter of an hour
Ingredients: 6 peach slices, 4 tablespoons of plain flour, 2 tablespoons of white sugar, 1 tablespoon of butter, half a teaspoon of baking powder, a splash of milk and a dash of cinnamon! (Optional: a handful of pecan nuts).

Hi readers,
I hope you’re all well on this wonderful, sunny start to our weekend. I came upon a quote yesterday on Instagram, which read:
“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. It is easy to forget that a perfect morning is only three ingredients away: coffee, pups and sunshine. Find perfection in simplicity.”
(groundsandhounds, Instagram).

I think this is so true!! At a time when everyone is stressed and rushed and overrun with work… I advocate just sacking it off at the weekend. Keep things simple! Take some time to yourself and be kinder to yourself than maybe you normally would be. That bath you considered? That magazine you almost bought? That new music album you really want to listen to?? Put the other things on hold and treat yourself!

Another way to treat yourself is, of course, with food! One of my friends this week, Ville, her life was changed while eating out at a restaurant this week by a Peach Cobbler. She got in touch specifically to tell me that I need to…
a) Eat Peach Cobbler, and
b) Figure out how to make it at home so she can eat it all the time.

And you can’t say no to a face like that! I’ve never eaten Peach Cobbler before so I was MOST intrigued, readers. Butttt I looked online and a lot of the recipes made big baking dishfuls of Cobbler that feed a family. I’m only one person. And I didn’t know whether I was going to like this dish. Also, I’m a person that HAS had a lot on her plate this week. So, when I happened upon a recipe for Peach Cobbler for one, a recipe that you can make in a mug using the microwave… I was sold.

Here readers, without further ado, is the secret to throwing together a cheat’s version of this pudding, Peach Muggler, in ten easy steps…

1. Arm yourself with 2 (yes… 2!) mugs.

2. In one mug spoon a decent table spoon of butter.

3. Pop this in the microwave for up to a minute until the butter melts.

4. Add 2 tablespoons of water and a splash of milk (optional) to this mug, and stir in with the butter.

5. In your second mug (preferably, a big one) spoon 4 tablespoons of plain flour.

6. Add 2 tablespoons of white sugar, half a teaspoon of baking powder and a dash of cinnamon.

7. Stir together all the dry ingredients that are in Mug 2. Then, add them to Mug 1 and stir it ALL into one mix.

ChefBeHere Top Tip: If you happen to have been MOST irresponsible with your money while you were in the supermarket and, as a result, you have pecan nuts in your cupboard (I’m guilty) then chop a handful of them up and add them to your batter. They add some crunch to your Muggler!

8. Take a tin of slices peaches and drain it. Tip most into a Tupperware and pop them in the fridge to eat another time.

9. Save about 6 peach slices. Lay these in a square of kitchen roll and try to dab them dry using the roll, so that they won’t soggy up your Muggler with peach juice.

10. Finally, add your peaches to the mug (either sit them on top of your cake or stir them in). Microwave for one minute. Leave to rest for maybe half a minute. Then, microwave for another minute. AND FEAST.

ChefBeHere Top Tip: The reason for the rest half way through microwaving is that, if the same thing happens to you as it did to me, your Muggler mix might froth a little in the microwave. Like a science experiment! I think maybe the peaches react with the batter?? Who knows! Anyway, the froth tastes amazingly sweet, but just watch for it overtopping the mug while your Muggler warms.

And you just made Peach Muggler :)

This makes for a VERY sweet, extreeemely indulgent mugful of cake to treat yourself to in an evening. I love it. This recipe is super easy to make, with cheap, simple and really basic ingredients. PLUS there’s fruit in Peach Muggler… so it scores points for health in my books.

And it just tastes wonderful! It’s frothy and sugary and cinammony. Everything you need in life! Please, please… be kind to yourself, readers, and go bring Peach Muggler into your life. Keep things simple this weekend.

Froth safely,

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