Friday, 16 September 2016

ChefBeHere Phase Two!

Hello there,

I started the ChefBeHere blog during my third and final year of university study in 2014/15.

For me, the blog was really good because:

o   I had the time to be creative and post regularly,
o   the project gave me something to do other than ‘work’ i.e. my dissertation and essays and revision for exams,
o   and the project was something fun throughout a really stressful time of my life.

Then uni finished. And I travelled for three months through mainland Europe. Then I moved in with my dad in Sheffield and got an adult job, booking hotels for travelling workers and businessmen. One boy came in and out of my life. In Spring 2016, I got to move out of home again and quit the shitty job. Another boy came and went.

Now, I’m living in a cool area of Sheffield that I’d literally never been to before, called Heeley. I live with a paralegal, who I shall codename CoolyColey, and a PHD student, to be known as KorfKing. We have a cute house on a lovely new road. I work as a Problem Solver at a creative agency, and enjoy my job. I can walk in and out of town. There is no boy drama.

And it seems like a new phase of my life when the blog could be really good! For all the same reasons as last time, I’d really like to have another go at ChefBeHere. And so here I am. I’m going to be revisiting recipes that I posted in the past, during ChefBeHere Phase One, and roll out a whole load of new ones.

To anyone who used to read my blog, thanks for coming back! For Phase Two, I’ll probably carry on throwing out thoughts about life, along with my recipes, and will continue my mission to convert you all to yoga and vegetarianism... you know you want to. And, for anyone new to the blog, I hope there are fun times to come.

Keep checking the blog and we shall see!

Have a great weekend,


Ps. To kickstart the ChefBeHere comeback I’ve been baking some classic Oat Crunchies. The house smells so cakey and lush! To bake some Oat Crunchies yourself, check out the recipe here. I promise they taste even better than they look.

Look at these beautiful Oat Crunchies!

What a way to start the weekend...

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