Saturday, 6 May 2017

Recipe? Green. Coat? Pink.

Recipe of the week...
... Pesto Egg Salad

Ingredients: 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon green pesto, 1 tablespoon Greek yoghurt, 50g pine nuts, salt and pepper, and a selection of green veg (I used 1 avocado, 1 small green pepper, and 1 stalk of celery).

Time taken: Half an hour.

Serves: One big bowlful.

Hi readers,

How’s it going this weekend? Are you getting up to much? Or not a lot? Maybe you're just chilling?? I’m certainly chilling, readers, I’m in my bed enjoying a quiet Saturday afternoon in Sheffield. And the quiet’s nice after all the drama we had last weekend for the end of the football season – quite a hoo ha it was! – I’m not going to say I miss dodging drunk footy fans and their vomit on my weekend run. Was most unpleasant.

This weekend, this are much lovelier here. I’ve spring cleaned the house and lit vanilla tealights. My flowers are blooming and I made it to Friday night yoga last night, so I’m calm and well set up for a restful, aimless weekend ahead. How about you, readers? Are you feeling calm, do you think? Take a look inside – how are you feeling? Are things okay?

I hope you’re doing good, readers. If your week’s been anything like mine, then it’s been a long, slow one. And this is your time now – your quality time – to do whatever you like. So follow any whim that pops into your mind! Answer to no one. Be yourself and go with the flow. If you want to do nothing? Then do that. Set your own pace and dance to the music – whichever music you choose.

This afternoon, readers, I’ve been listening to a few tracks by a singer called Mabel. Last night, I had the kind of Friday night where I got in from yoga and opened a bottle of wine.. and Bridesmaids was showing on TV!! What a result! Such a good film and I hadn’t seen it in ages. So, there I was cackling away to the film, on the settee, painting my nails (and a decent amount of my hands in the process). A great Friday night, in my opinion.

And then Jools Holland came on TV and he had this great line up – London Grammar and Blondie and Future Islands, all on one show! Great performances from all three, and also some fab numbers by a girl called Mabel. It was her first time on the show and she was busting a move dressed in head to toe denim.. a real flash back to the nineties. I was bopping along on the settee!

Mabel’s new to me (and I think quite a new artist, in general) and I’ve been discovering a few of her songs today. They’re quite laidback and soulful, and on her Youtube page there's a photo of her wearing this incredible big, pink fur coat. I’ve been singing along imagining myself in the pink coat. If you fancy giving her a listen, I recommend the songs ‘Finders Keepers and ‘Thinking of You’, and there’s a great clip online of her covering ‘Say My Name’ live. She smashes it with a fiercesome performance. Enjoy bopping along!

Anyway readers. My recipe of the week, this week, is inspired by one I came upon on a blog called ‘The Healthy Maven’ (you can read the original here). I'd make for a terrible vegan – I’m a lover of eggs and all things dairy – and I’ve had half a jar of pesto kicking about in my fridge, leftover from pesto pasta I made earlier in the week. SO… when I saw this recipe online for a Pesto Egg Salad – with delicious looking pics of said salad – I thought I’d give it a go!

In the original recipe, the blogger makes their own pesto from scratch, and doesn’t include so much veg as I do in my version here. But, as I haven’t the patience to make my own pesto (who does.. really?) and in the spirit of shooting for my 5-a-day of fruit and veg, I decided to adapt the recipe. Then, once I got in the kitchen I started throwing veg in left right and centre with the vague idea that anything green, goes!        

 But, to say I went so drastically off-recipe, readers, things did work out well in the end. I had a delicious and suuuper healthy lunch. A really filling one! Along with the celery called for in the original recipe, I added avocado and green pepper in my take on it. And these tasted great together! A triumph! Want to follow in my footsteps and prepare your very own Pesto Egg Salad? You do? Love it! Here’s the recipe for you, readers, in just eight easy steps…

Recipe: Pesto Egg Salad

1.     Pour yourself a chilled drink and get some upbeat music playing. A bit of Mabel, maybe? Fill the kettle and set it boiling.
2.     Pop two eggs into a saucepan, fill with hot water and leave to boil for ten minutes.
3.     Meanwhile, chop your veg up into small pieces.

ChefBeHere Top Tip: Normally, when it comes to veg prep, I’m one for hacking away on autopilot until I’ve got vaguely bite-sized chunks in front of me. Whereas, with this dish you need to chop finely for small pieces of veg. I found this to be quite a therapeutic process, as I was giving the veg in front of me my whole attention for once. Maybe you could try to mindfully chop your veg, too? And reclaim some head space, in doing so.
4.     Once your eggs have been boiling for ten minutes, take them off the heat and turn this off. Drain away the hot water from the pan and refill with cold water. Leave your eggs cooling in this cold water for 5-10 minutes.
5.     While you wait, tip your veg into a bowl and add a tablespoon of Greek yoghurt and a tablespoon of green pesto. Season with salt and pepper.
6.     Shake 50g of pine nuts into the bowl, and stir the content of the bowl together until roughly mixed.

ChefBeHere Top Tip: You’re not making guac – so don’t pulverise the veg into a mush – just gently stir to combine everything together.
7.     Once your eggs have cooled to room temperature, remove them from the pan and peel away their shells.
8.     Chop your eggs into small pieces and add these to the bowl. Stir into the salad and that’s your dish complete! Ready for you to tuck in.

That’s all there is to it! Eight steps to a big, healthy, green lunch – one that will fill you up and power you on for the afternoon ahead. I’m facing hair curlers later this afternoon, readers, this is about as stressful as a weekend gets for me.. but will I be reaching for a snack? No, I bloody won’t! As I’m stuffed.

Pesto Egg Salad
Not the most photogenic dish

What do you think, readers? Are you tempted to give this recipe a try?? Is this something that you’ve made before? Or have you tried a similar dish, perhaps? If this isn’t something you’ve eaten in the past – would you be tempted to give it a go? Just eight simple steps to one very green lunch – what do you reckon?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, readers! Comment or get in touch if you’ve been inspired to give this recipe a try – do let me know how you’ve got on with it in the kitchen – and if anyone has any ideas for variations on the Pesto Egg Salad, please let me know! What would you sub out or add in or do to this dish.. to take it up a notch? Are there many other green veg you'd be happy to eat without cooking them? Fire away with any ideas you have!

Wishing you all a wonderful, aimless weekend ahead. Make it your own, readers.

And salad safely,


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