Friday, 14 July 2017

FRIDAYYY! A mid-July recipe round-up

Hi readers,

Feels like Friday, huh? Fri-DAY? FryYAYYYY?

Fryyyay yay yay yay yay yaaaaaity yay dah dah yayayyyyy…  *drumroll* … FRIDAYYY!

Ahh what a lovely day to be alive. A day of light at the end of the tunnel, a skip in your step, and Friday-inspired pizazz when emailing. On Friday there’s a cheer in your voice, maybe a skip in your step and a hum in your heart.. singing only of wine. For the weekend is near.

Or at least that’s how it feels over here, anyway! Bring on the weekend – for some solid sleeping, for getting out in the fresh air, and for the best food and drink a ChefBeHere can find. The kindly soul that I am, I’ve trawled the blogosphere in search of tasty posts form the past week, and have here a select of delicious looking recipes to tempt your tum…

1.     Baked sweet potato – three ways (Pea and mint smash with feta and avocado, Harissa roasted chickpeas with tomato salsa and tahini yoghurt, and Vegan red lentil chilli) on the Spoonful of Happy blog

2.     Lentil tomato stew on the Veggie Desserts blog

3.     Super greens loaded potato skins on the Hungry Healthy Happy blog

4.     Black bean, avocado & mango tacos on the Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen blog

5.     10-minutechickpea curry with coriander dressing on the Rebel Recipes blog

6.     Crustless roasted vegetable and feta quiche on the Fitness Forster blog

7.     Chocolate & lime truffle squares on the Nutritiously Naughty blog

8.     Iced coffee, chocolate & vanilla slice on the SpamellaB blog

9.     Vegan muesli yoghurt parfait on the Little Sunny Kitchen blog

Tis a glorious time to be alive with all these recipes around! What do you think, readers? Might you give any of these a try? I certainly will be. Right now, I’m thinking I might be a lentil-related recipe a whirl – either the stew or topping a sweet potato. As I’m rubbish at using lentils, so this is inspiring!

You may hear tales of lentil-related kitchen antics soon. Or you may never hear of this – in which case it probably all went terribly badly. Assume I survived but my dinner did not. But watch this space – this could be the beginning of a love affair with lentils.

Only time will tell, readers. I hope you use your time wisely and you enjoy a wonderful weekend. Take care and – if you get a mo – do give these nine blogs a browse. See if you’re inspired to try out one of the recipes they share.

And report back! Success? Absolute catastrophe? Somewhere in between??

Chef safely my loves,


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