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Bunny Buns

Time taken: Half an hour
Ingredients: 150g Cornflakes, 50g butter, 200g marshmallows, 12 Bunny Jelly Babies.

Hi readers,
So, I blogged a few days ago and casually mentioned that it was raining here. I was in really quite low spirits about the rain, readers. And today, on Wednesday, IT IS STILL RAINING. Unbelievable! It’s like… WHY??! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGHHHH MAKE IT STOPPP. Damn you all to heck, raindrops.
Literally, that’s where I’m at with the weather. That’s where we’re all at in Sheffield. We’re sat indoors cursing the rain. Yesterday? It hailed several times. Tomorrow? Snow is forecast. Meanwhile… rain. And more rain. Raaaaaaaaaain.
BUT I’m not letting it get me down anymore, readers. It’s incredible how big an impact the weather can have on people’s moods! And when you’re living in northern England… that’s really quite dangerous. Because the weather here, readers, is frequently shit. And often it’s utterly shocking.
But… let’s be positive now. What’s cool about being stuck indoors?
A) That’s where all the food is. And the TV and your bed.
B) Where family are (if you haven’t killed them already this week).
&C) If you’re shut in the house you’re basically required to bake!
So, this recipe here is something new for you to try. It is VERY easy and simple. And super cheap. See the 4 ingredients listed at the top of the page? There’s only 4 of them! Win! And, also, this recipe is very Easteryyyy whoooooooo!
So, readers, I’ve been doing Lent now for 5 ½ weeks I believe. I gave up chocolate and it’s been a loooooooong haul. A very long haul. I miss chocolate BADLY right now. Really this week I’m terrible and think about chocolate allllllll the time. I miss chocolate bars and chocolate cake and chocolate biscuits and chocolate mousse. And hot chocolate.
I think that my coffee consumption’s increased dramatically on account of me being off the hot chocolate. And the coffee’s making me more anxious about not being allowed any chocolate. So really it’s a negative spiral I’m in. Very negative.
Buttttttttt I STAY STRONG. Do you, readers? Have you given anything up for Lent?? I’d love to hear what it is and how you’ve been getting on! Share your Lent stories! Have there been any slip ups or any really tough moments?? A week or so ago I came very close to eating the chocolate filling at the centre of my cousin’s 21st birthday cake. Big drama. I was THIS CLOSE to eating it. But I dutifully ate around it. Offered it away. Cried inside. Has anyone else had such a low point??
Because Lent is TOUGH. We only have 4 days to go but I bet they’re going to be killer! Knowing you’re near the end makes it harrrrrrrrrrrd. Sigh. And, sadly, my efforts to not eat chocolate have pushed me back over the edge with gelatine. I’m being the worst vegetarian ever. Last week, I had a bag of Rowntree’s Randoms and, today, this recipe involves both marshmallows and Jelly Babies. Scandalous.
Readers, I feel bad. I want all animals to keep their hooves. I really don’t support the eating of hooves! My friend Floss doesn’t like it when I sometimes eat sweets with hooves in. But, for the love of god, if I can’t eat chocolate I need something in my life. For my sanity. And in 4 days I will go back to eating chocolate and not gelatine. So allow me this slip up, everyone. Please don’t think badly of me (especially you, Floss).
And on with the recipe! Here I’ve BASICALLY taken the recipe for Easter buns (Cornflakes stuck together with chocolate, with Mini Eggs on top) and merged it with the recipe for SnapCracklePop buns (Rice Krispies stuck together with marshmallow, with popping candy on top) TO CREATE SOMETHING NEW. Something that those of us not eating chocolate can eat. This could be the recipe to carry us to the end of Lent! Stay strong everyone!
Here’s how to throw together a batch of Bunny Buns, in just ten easy steps:
1. Line a bun tray with 12 fairy cake cases.
2. Measure out 50g of butter and pop this in a saucepan, heated on a low heat.
3. Tip a 200g bag of marshmallows into the pan.
4. Weight out 150g of Cornflakes and pop these into a mixing bowl.
5. As the contents of your pan begin to melt, stir it up!
ChefBeHere Top Tip: Keep everything on the move. Marshmallow is quick to burn and you don’t want that to happen! Stir stir stir.
6. When the mix in your pan is smooth, pour it over the Cornflakes in your bowl.
7. Using a wooden spoon, mix together your Cornflakes and marshmallow goo!
8. When your Cornflakes are mostly coasted in marshmallow and they’re sticking together, begin to spoon them into your fairy cases.
ChefBeHere Top Tip: Avoid letting the mix touch you. This isn’t because it’s poisoned or explosive upon contact, it’s just insanely sticky. Like, you will struggle to get it off you. Steer clear.
9. Fill each fairy case with your sticky Cornflake mix.
ChefBeHere Top Tip: Fill your bowl and your pan with warm water ASAP and leave them to soak. Otherwise, that marshmallow is going to bind to them for all an eternity, believe me.
10. Top each bun with a Bunny Jelly Baby and leave your Bunny Buns to set a little while in their cases. Then devour!
And hey presto… BUNNY BUNS!!
Aren’t they adorable? Readers, this is a recipe designed for children. It’s so simple it’s crazy. But adults can make Bunny Buns, too! And so they should! These are a simple, delicious way to celebrate Easter without chocolate, and they’re a recipe that everyone can have a go at. No prior skill required! You don’t even bake them. Bunny Buns are the bomb I promise you – they taste very sweet and sugary. Basically, like childhood. And you’re going to be wearing them on your face, without a doubt! There’s everything to love about them.
So, get your apron on this Easter, and while the rains pour down have a crack at mixing up some Bunny Buns! Do you have a friend that’s given up chocolate for Lent? Feed them Bunny Buns! Basically, anyone that’s given up a food for Lent which isn’t butter, marshmallow, Cornflakes or Jelly Babies, and who seems to be struggling a little with the last few days to go… FEED THEM BUNNY BUNS. I insist. Go. Now.

And shelter safely,

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