Tuesday, 21 April 2015


My Big Slim Greek Omelette
Time Taken: 20 minutes.
Ingredients: 3 eggs, a splash of skimmed milk, a splosh of oil, 1 red pepper, 70g feta cheese (1/3 of a block), and a dozen black olives.
Hi readers,
You know the phrase, ‘The sun will come out… tomorrow!’? Well the sun has come out in Newcastle!! Today we’ve had gloooorious sunshine and warm rays baaaathing us in summer here. For the North-East of England today has been STUPENDOUS. Utterly wonderful.
Do I have a mobile phone yet 6 days after the last one fell in the loo?
No, I don’t.
Am I even CLOSE to sorting out my replacement phone?
Probably not, no.
Do I care today?
Not really, readers. HELL NO.
And all because of the Sun. It’s magic! Today, the campus of Newcastle Uni’s been crawling with students in their shorts and flipflops. Laid out on any available patch of grass. With sunglasses and ice creams. And I was there as one of them! My presentation group at uni had the inspired idea to hold our afternoon meeting on a lawn by the Student’s Union, and I left all my phone woes behind this afternoon to sunbathe with the girls. Best time ever.
How has your day been, readers?? Has the sun been shining inside and out? Have you sung a little song? A small skip in your step? Freckles on your nose? The good times are coming! SUMMER SUMMER TIME. Readers, sit back and unwind and tuck into some proper healthy nosh this summer. Includingggg… My Big Slim Greek Omelette!
For all the bikini-dieting, ball-gown-squeezing, healthy-attituding women of the world: I give you a new tasty Mediterranean recipe to try out at dinnertime! This recipe is a really delicious, light option for your evening meal, which includes 2 of your 5 a day and no carbs along the way. Plus, it’s packed with protein and terrifically filling. And you only need one pan. Win!
Tempted to try My Big Slim Greek Omelette? Here’s how you do in just 10 easy steps…
1. Fish a dozen black olives out of their jar.
2. Use a sharp knife to dice up your red pepper and to chop your feta cheese into small cubes.
3. Heat a little oil in a frying pan over a medium heat.
ChefBeHere Top Tip: You need enough oil to cover the base of the pan when you tip your oil around, but not much more or your omelette might be greasy.
4. Add your diced pepper to the pan and leave to soften for 5 minutes.
5. Meanwhile, crack 3 eggs into a cup and add a splash of skimmed milk along with them.
6. Use a fork to vigorously stir together the contents of your cup, until they’re well mixed.
7. Turn on the grill to heat and then tip your eggy-milky mix into the frying pan along with your pepper.
8. Leave to cook for 5 minutes over a medium heat, until the mix at the edges of your pan starts to look like omelette.
9. Sprinkle your olives and cheese over the omelette and it (still in your frying pan) under the grill for 5 minutes.
ChefBeHere Top Tip: Try to leave the handle of the frying pan so that it sticks out of the grill. This way it won’t be hot when you go to touch it.
10. When your omelette looks cooked on top, take it out from under the grill and use a spatula to shimmy your omelette from the frying pan onto a warmed plate, folding it over in half as you do. Tuck in!
And here we have... My Big Slim Greek Omelette
So, this omelette may not be a looker but it tasted wonderful for my tea today, readers, and went perfectly with the sun shining through the window. I’m not saying we won’t all be tucking into pizza and cake sometime this summer, because I’M SURE that we will. But some days you just want something a little summery, right? And I think omelette makes a top answer to the grumbling in your belly! Never thought to put olives and feta in an omelette? Well, now’s the time!
Readers, hit me up with your thoughts on My Big Skinny Greek Omelette. Does the recipe work when you try it out? Does the omelette taste good in your books? Does this suit a summers evening? Is it just the recipe you’ve been looking for? I’m interested to hear!
And waiting on your feedback. :) Nah I’m off dancing around my room! But I wish you all luck throwing together My Big Slim Greek Omelette. And whatever the weather does, keep carrying summer around with you inside! AAAND put your bloody phone down. You don’t need it in your hand so much! I’m learning this.
Sunbathe safely everyone,

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