Saturday, 15 October 2016


Recipe of the week... homemade wholemeal pizza!

Hi readers,

Good evening! How are you today?? Has it been a big day, today? Or a very little day? A busy day? Or a day for putting your feet up? I hope it’s been a really good day for you.

As I write this now, it’s a Saturday evening mid-October in Sheffield. And many of you might be out partying right now! Having a wild time! But CoolyColey is away this weekend and I’m on an autumn saving spree, and so tonight isn’t a night for partying for me. Instead, I find myself sat on the settee with comfy clothes on. Strictly’s on the telly. I’ve opened a chilled beer and lit a very large scented candle. Cosy times! Whether your Saturday night is a cosy one or a crazy one… I hope you’re having a great time, readers.

So, this week, the week kicked off with World Mental Health Day 2016. The message that everyone seemed to be sharing and giving great thought to on Monday was that “We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect.” A really strong message! And it felt on Monday as though this message had really struck a chord with lots of people.

From the moment I woke up on Monday, the news at breakfast, and the radio in the office, and my social media feeds, they were all filled with people sharing their stories, and talking openly about their struggles and the struggles of loved ones, and speaking so passionately on the topic of mental health. It was moving! It really made me think about how difficult it can be to be happy. And how anyone at all can feel unhappy at any time. And how there are so many things that can lead a person to become unhappy. Big things and little things.

It’s something that I’ve been thinking about through the week. And then, on Thursday night, I climbed in bed at the end of the day and realised that everything had gone right. All day. I'd lived a charmed day. Nothing special had happened, and to a bystander it would probably have looked like I’d lived a really dull Thursday in Sheffield. I only spoke with eight people all day (counted them at the end) and half of those people were just strangers I had insignificant exchanges with. So, very little human contact on Thursday. It rained more or less all day and, in the news, the much beloved king of Thailand passed away.

But ACTUALLY on Thursday...

Getting ready in the morning, my eyeliner went on the first time and somehow it went on quite well. Looking good.

As a result of this fluke, I finished make up earlier than normal. And, as a result of this miracle, I had time to make porridge. And the porridge microwaved without exploding.

I remembered to leave the house with both my lunch and with my swim bag. The walk to work was dry and it wasn't too windy so me and CoolyColey could chat and actually hear each other speaking!

Ian at work asked for a coffee and I managed to use the aeropress correctly to make one without burning myself. Both Ian and Ed later made me cups of tea.

I got to spend most of the morning searching Google Images for inspirational photos. And it briefly wasn't raining at lunch time so I made it outside for some fresh air and daylight.

I was doing van-related work in the afternoon... but it wasn't all that boring. I got to email the printer and he always writes a funny response. His response was indeed funny.

I got out of work on time and gave a homeless person a piece of fruit, which he thanked me for. The pool finally fixed my faulty wristband and it opened the barriers to the changing rooms on the first try! The receptionist gave me a thumbs up.

And the rain must have kept most people away because it was a quiet and peaceful evening swimming in the pool. People were diving from the high boards which is always impressive to see.

I made it from the pool to the supermarket without my umbrella blowing inside out and without any cars splashing me on the way. I bought treats (!!!) and the shopping total was still under £20. Result.

Then, at home, I got all my chores done and still made it on the settee (with treats) by 9pm for The Apprentice. Then me, CoolyColey and KorfKing were all in the livingroom at once and we had some impromptu housemate chatter before bed. Doesn’t happen often.

I climbed in bed and realised that everything all day had gone right. That story might be absolutely unremarkable and not at all noteworthy to anyone in the world but me... but when was the last time you can recall having looked back on a day and thought everything had gone right?? Every last thing. It's pretty cool to say. So I'm grateful for my charmed Thursday.

This weekend, I’m not going anywhere exciting. None of the besties are here to visit from afar. The family aren’t around. As far as I know, there’s nothing much exciting happening in Sheffield. And yet I’m here and I’m enjoying the time to myself. I’m quite happy. Even whipped out a (healthy-ish) ChefBeHere classic recipe for homemade wholemeal pizza, and treated myself to a really great meal! If this sounds like exactly what your belly needs, then definitely check out the recipe HERE.

Readers, I hope that none of you are struggling too much to feel happy at the moment. I hope that you’re enjoying your lives! And if you’re looking at the people around you, wondering whether every one of them is happier at the moment than you are, know that it's likely they aren’t. Just because other people might be flying in their career, might have someone to love, own their own car, have a big ring on their finger, own a house… that doesn’t mean they’re happy. Focus on yourself and your own happiness. You’re the key.

Here's some snaps of my 'Single Girl in Sheffield' weekend so far...

Friday night pizza night!

Getting in bed after an action packed week

Strong coffee to kickstart the weekend

Brunching at Tamper with the girls

Off to the Botanic Gardens for a stroll

Admiring the colours of the autumn leaves

And how the autumn light really sets a scene

Listening to squirrels rustling in the bushes

Autumn leaves crunching under foot

That afternoon light! A delight

Going off-path following a squirrel

Christmas come early with a brazil nut

... maybe not everyone's idea of a top weekend, but I'm happy.

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