Friday, 21 October 2016


Recipe of the week... maple roasted root veg!

Hi readers,

It’s Fridayyyyyy!! Finally, an end to the working week. How’s the week been, readers? Have you gotten much done at work, or in your studies, or in life?? Have you had some fun along the way? Have you braved the dark mornings or the dark nights, for a bit of exercise? Have you braved the heating dial and turned the radiators on?

Whatever you’ve been up to this week, readers, I hope you’ve been having a good time! For me, it’s been a pretty good, fairly uneventful week. I’ve swam and run and done some yoga. I’ve finished reading a Danish crime book and I’ve seen some of my family. Went out for a Nandos and caught up with some friends. Remembered how much I love Nandos.

On telly, I watched the Bake Off semi-final… how good is it this year?! Gripped! Can anyone imagine buttercreaming for 3 hours?! And I also watched the Stand up to Cancer celebrity special of Crystal Maze – what a classic show! Crystal Maze brings back memories of me and my brother, parked on the settee together, watching back to back shows on Challenge. Fort Boyard, Takeshi’s Castle, Robot Wars… what classics!

This week is also the week, readers, that I made it to the Donor Centre for my final blood donation of the year. I know I might get high and mighty about this every three months but, once again, may I say… that it’s such a good thing to do!! You’re saving lives! Real lives of real people! The lives of babies just being born and mother’s giving birth and people who have been in the most terrible accidents and people who are surgery needing your blood.

Those people are having such a hard time and, without people donating blood, those people might not be here tomorrow! Simple as that. No one likes needles and everyone has some excuse or other. You’re prone to fainting, you’re not sure whether they’d have you or not, you can’t find an appointment after work, you did it once before and it didn’t go very well… EXCUSES.

I don’t like them! I don’t like needles, my blood pressure is erratic, it’s hard to find a vein, I have fainted before… it isn’t enjoyable for me or for the nurses fannying over me and yet I go and give blood. Half an hour of drama and it’s done. A pint in the bag, and a cup of tea and biscuit for me. The nurses can move on to someone with tremendous veins and health. Someone out there has life-saving blood coming their way.

Unless there’s a definite medical reason you can’t give blood then I don’t think you have a reason at all. Tough love from ChefBeHere. C’mon readers! I’ll stop now but please do the right thing, and make an appointment to go donate something that costs you nothing and that gives another person the chance to be alive and to live a wonderful life. Maybe one day you’ll depend on them to save your life?? Just think. 

ALSO READERS just think of all the perks of giving blood! I’ve already mentioned tea and biscuits, haven’t I? Not to be missed out on! Then there’s the next 24 hours… you aren’t allowed to lift anything heavy, you can’t attempt strenuous exercise, and you’re charged with ‘taking it easy’. Like music to my ears!

Honestly, readers, if you’re the kind of person like me who needs telling straight to give yourself a break, then giving blood is a brilliant. The nurses literally insist that you chill out! It’s their mantra. Should you get the dishes done, put some laundry on, run the vac around? Nooooo! Should you run a bath, read a book, eat some tasty food? Yes!

Readers, regardless of whether or not you’ve made a blood donation in the last 24 hours, my top tip for you this weekend is to eat some tasty food. Something hearty and autumnal and nutritious. One way or another, you’ve earned it this week!

On Monday, post-blood donation, I rolled out a ChefbeHere classic recipe and decided to maple roast some root veg. Normally, in the evening when I get in from running, or from the pool or yoga, I’m starving. Like I’m never really at risk of starving but I am an eat-your-own-housemate sort of hungry. I don’t have time to be roasting things in the oven. I do not. There’s no time. I want food NOW! Can you relate, readers?

On Monday, everything was different because I hadn’t been out exercising and, instead, I’d been munching biscuits. So I had time to roast! Nipped to the shop for some root veg – got carrots and parsnips and some shallots (small fancy onions) – and chucked some oil and syrup and seasoning on them when I got in. Spent the best part of an hour ‘taking it easy’ and building up an appetite, then had a really delicious tea.

If you’re feeling up to trying out a recipe this weekend, readers, then click HERE to find out how you can make your very own maple roasted root veg. These tasty vegetables could make a lovely addition to your Sunday roast. Jazzing it up Canadian-style. Or you could pop a dish of root veg out on the table with any meal, really, for people to help themselves to? Or they could be the seasonal centrepiece of your buffet, maybe, if you’re having people over! Why be boring? Do anything you like with them. So long as you enjoy.

Meanwhile, readers, I’m heading off up to the Toon for a uni reunion with the geography gals (and Dr Davies). I’m anticipating much alcohol and silliness, and it’s likely I’ll survive the weekend on chips and overexcitement alone. If I do indeed survive the weekend. You’re far wiser sticking inside where it’s warm, readers, with some tasty maple-roasted root veg.

Wishing you a lovely weekend, readers.

Roast safely,


BEFORE: Here are my veg ready for the oven

AFTER: A tasty tea with a goat's cheese tart :D

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