Monday, 26 June 2017

A late June recipe round-up!

Hi readers,

Intention: Let’s make this week a wonderful one.

Let’s all cook and bake and eat some ASTOUNDINGLY wonderful foods. No mediocre meals this week – normally passable / acceptable / alright is just not on this week. Let’s do better. Let’s eat well.

I’m excited by the many, many brilliant looking recipes I’ve seen posted over the weekend. It’s been a posting spree and I don’t know what to try out first! Be INSPIRED. Here are ten exciting recipes from the blogosphere posted over the last few days…

1.     Fresh Asian Salad with Peanut Tofu & Rice Noodles on the Rebel Recipes blog

2.     Parmesan biscuits on the Buzzys Kitchen blog

3.     Avocado gatsby tartines with fries on the My Primrose Hill Kitchen blog

4.     Vanilla nectarine muffins on The Visual Veggie blog

5.     Homemade Snickers ice cream bars on the Baked Greens blog

6.     4 Ingredients Tahini Date Turtles on the Flora & Vino blog

7.     Peach melba cranachan on the Kellie’s Food to Glow blog

8.     Coconut and raspberry macaroons with a dark chocolate drizzle on the Fitness Forster blog

9.     Guilt-FreeBaked Doughnuts (Donuts) Three Ways! on the Lavender and Lovage blog

10.  Cucumber, Mint and Lemon Fizz on the Hungry Healthy Happy blog

… I’m torn between thebiscuitsthemacaroonsthemuffins. Gah! It’s hard to bake anything when you just want to eat all of it right now, straight from recipe to mouth. I’ve mentally stomped my foot. And I shook my fist. There’s some internal weeping still ongoing.

Will report back on which one of these recipes I actually get to bake when I’m returned to my kitchen in a day or two.

Hope there’s one in the bunch that inspires you, readers!

Chef safely,


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