Thursday, 4 December 2014


Recipe: Scrambled eggs and tomatoes… on crumpets!

Time taken: Quarter of an hour

Ingredients: 2 crumpets, 6 little tomatoes, 2 eggs and a dollop of crème fraiche (plus, a little butter and a sprinkling of black pepper)

Hi Readers,

It’s Thursday! And today’s been such a good Thursday! How has your day been?? Awesome? Awe-some? Awesome-a-rific? Awesomified? AWESOMMMME??

My day’s been good because, well, because last night I went with my dad and his girlfriend to see Ben Howard at Manchester Apollo. So much excitement for his gig.

Ben Howard!

But I didn’t eat and I haven’t been sleeping well (3rd year life), then the heater in the car on the way there dried my contact lenses out, then there were lots of flashing lights at the gig… and I fainted. My first ever faint! It was awful. I dropped my phone… I was on the floor… my shoe came off… strange men had to pick me up. Also, I was NOT CONSCIOUS.

But then, things got better. I sat down with some water and then caught the end of the gig, which was SO GOOD. We got McDonald’s Christmas treats. We drove home and I got to sleep in my home bed (ten times better than my uni bed). And TODAY I’ve been resting up. In a heated home. Full of food!

And hasn’t it been wonderful! As is exemplified, I feel, by my lunch. Remember my ‘Breakfast for Tea’ post in November? Inspired by this but lacking croissants, I found something new to pair the timeless scrambled egg with… it's crumpets!

Here’s how it works:

1. Turn on your grill and put a couple of crumpets in the toaster, but don’t toast them quite yet.

2. Take a handful of little tomatoes and chop them each in half using a sharp knife.

3. Arrange them however you like in an ovenproof dish and put this under the grill.

4. Crack a couple of eggs into a glass and whizz them up using a fork.

5. Heat a saucepan over a medium heat with a little butter inside. 

6. When this has melted, tip your eggy goo into the pan. Add a dollop of crème fraiche.

7. Set your crumpets on to toast and pop a plate beneath your dish in the grill, so that the plate warms slightly.

8. Stir your egg mix vigorously. Watch the eggs scramble! Tip a pinch of ground pepper over them, if you have any.

9. When your toaster pops, take the plate and tomatoes out of the grill and turn it off.

10. Serve up your crumpets and butter them, if you like. Tip your eggs over the top and add your tomatoes on to the plate. Tuck in!

ChefBeHere Top Tip: I usually tip my eggs out onto some kitchen towel first, to absorb a little moisture from them so that they don’t soggy up the plate. This is just me, though.

And voila! Scrambled eggs and tomatoes… on crumpets!

Readers, where do you stand on these? My eggs were dreeeeameeee. And really yellow! I don’t know why, my dad must have bought especially yolky eggs. They tasted sublime. And as for eggs on crumpets… I like it! I’d maybe still choose croissants if I had them, and toast of course never loses its charm as the traditional option, but crumpets work too! Would you agree?

Also, I was fancying a warm, effort-free pudding. So I cut up some brownie bites and a cookie. Put them into a ramekin and put this in the oven for five minutes while I did the washing up. And this made for an extremely tasty treat! Go forth, readers.

Gig safely and egg safely,


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