Sunday, 7 December 2014

A treat for snowy times to come!

Recipe: Nutella n Nana Wrapz

Time taken: Quarter of an hour

Ingredients: 2 tortillas, 2 bananas and a large amount of Nutella

Hi Readers,
THEY’VE FORECAST SNOW! Snowwwwww! S. N. O. W.  Snow! Christ knows when, but baby it’s cold outside and it’s going to snowwwwwwww! This makes me so happy.
Readers, today is a good day. It’s a day of small achievements. What have you been achieving today? Give it a think. I bet you’ve achieved more than you think. My small achievements have been: I cleaned the bathroom, I went for an icy jog, I washed and dried my hair WITHOUT setting off the smoke alarm, I ventured out to buy the house festive some loo roll, I spoke to my mum, and I made a spectacular lunch.
What ho? Spectacular lunch, did she say? That’s right, readers! Today I had a top effort in the kitchen at lunchtime and produced something ace for once! Like most students, I’m on a mission to use up lots of ingredients I have left in my cupboard, before I head home at the end of the week. So today I was using up some tortilla wraps.
Here’s how they met their end…
1. I took a couple of bananas and sliced them up into little pieces.
2. I laid a tortilla on a plate and spread Nutella over it.
3. I arranged some banana slices at the edge of the tortilla then rolled the tortilla over them.
4. I repeated this a couple more times, until my tortilla was all rolled up into a wrap.
5. I did this all again with my second tortilla.
6. I made sure my banana was tightly and securely wrapped inside each tortilla and laid them on our George Foreman grill.
ChefBeHere Top Tip: Use your regular grill if you don’t have a wondrous George Foreman.
7. I put the lid down and turned our grill on, and left it for 5 minutes.
8. I did the dishes. Dancing is essential.
9. I dunked the leftover banana pieces in Nutella and ate them up (greedy move).
10. I plated up my warm wraps and tucked in!
Here’s how they came out!
They tasted… goooooood. Mightily good readers. I might suggest that 2 wraps for one person is A LITTLE MUCH. And potentially migraine-inducing. But I was so busy enjoying these that it was hard to tell. This is a SUPER INDULGENT lunch. Literally, any month other than December and you’d be too disgusted with yourself to finish. So get going and make some while it’s still December! If you’ve had a go at making these, whadaya think? A choctastic taste sensation?? Erm… AGREED.

Wrap it up readerz,

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