Monday, 17 November 2014

I give you... THE YUMMY PLUMMY



Here is a very tasty, very fruity winter warmer recipe I came up with this evening. It costs very little to buy the ingredients and it doesn't take long to whip together. And it's changed my life. Give it a go and you won't be let down, I promise.

So today I was barrelling round ASDA with my weekly food fund, on a mission to spend wisely. I had not that much money in my purse and felt bad about spending it. As usual.

I'm trying to be healthy in the run up to Christmas, so this morning I was seeing if I could make my money stretch for some healthy stuff. In the fruit n veg section, I was trailing along by strawberries and blueberries, mourning the mango-free zone that was my trolley, when I came upon plums. I don't think I've ever eaten a plum, but there was a big display, they looked good and they were 75p for a punnet of eight!

This evening I was feeling less enthusiastic about my fruit purchase. Huddled for warmth on an Artic-cold Metro platform at seven in the evening, thoughts were drifting to cake. In custard. So I had the idea to get creative with my plums! And it turns out that Plums. Are. Yum.

I invented a recipe that blew me away! In ten easy steps: here's my wisdom...

1.      To make this tasty treat for one person, heat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

2.      Wipe some butter around a little ovenproof dish.

3.      Cut 3 plums in half and spoon out the stones. Throw those away.

4.      Arrange your plums in your buttered dish.

5.      Sprinkle with a teaspoon of cinnamon.

6.      Drizzle with a teaspoon of honey.

7.      Bake in the oven for 15 minutes while you eat your tea.

8.      Open the oven door, inhale plum goodness and safely lift your dish out of the oven.
A Chef Be Here Top Tip: When you turn your oven off, leave the door open so that the warmth spreads through your flat!

9.      Plop a dollop of crème fraiche on top of your plums.

10.  Enjoy this plum-tastic treat while it's warm!

Does it look anything like this?
Since my eureka moment earlier, and my ensuing determination to spread the word to all of our friends that PLUMS ARE THE FUTURE, my flatmates have pointed out that I’m not the first person to have invented this recipe. Google’s heard of it, too. However, I hadn’t heard of it when I invented it tonight, so I’m still calling it mine!

Everybody, go give it a try and tell me you aren’t wowed. I challenge you. Fill me in on how you get on with the recipe and, honestly, what you think of the Yummy Plummy!

And does anyone have any ideas for variations on these terrific baked plums? Can they possibly be improved on? OR do you have any other recipe ideas for what to with plums? Please share them, because I’m definitely planning to try out more recipes with my new favourite fruit. Life is better post-plum.

Plums have rocked my world. I hope they bring you the same joy.

Bake safely,

Hayley x


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