Monday, 24 November 2014


Hi readers,

My day today has been BUSY. It's been quite a way to start the week! I'm. Shattered. Beyond. Belief. But hopefully Monday has been more forgiving for you! I hope you've had a special day in some way or another :) Was anything special today? Something, surely? Even just a little thing?

I've been so busy today that quite a few things overtook Chefbehereing prioritywise. Sorry. Until I REALISED . . . I couldn't call it a day without mentioning the marvellous throwing-together-of-things that occurred this lunchtime! I wouldn't call it cooking, or even remotely a recipe. But it tasted good and made for a very decent plateful of food!

Recipe: Falafel & lemon pepper couscous salad

Time Taken: 20 mins

Ingredients: Ready-made frozen falafel, dried couscous, houmous, pitted black olives, cucumber, lemon juice, paprika & black pepper.

I placed the frozen, ready-made falafel in an oven preheated to 200 degrees C for a quarter of an hour. Meanwhile, I depotted my couscous into a lovely ramekin and tapped a dash of paprika over the top of it. I sliced my cucumber and then quartered the slices into bite-sized amounts. I fished a dozen olives from my jar. I filled half of a second ramekin with couscous grains, a pinch of pepper and a dash of lemon juice. I added boiling water until the dish was full, covered it and left it for a few minutes. I tipped my couscous onto a plate, along with the houmous, olives and cucumber that I'd prepared. I safely removed my falafel from the oven and added them to this plate. I served it up.

And tucked into this!

This made for a gorgeous lunch for an on-the-go day when I new I wouldn't get much by way of tea later on. It worked out well! And you can throw together any combination of things you have in the house, I imagine, with a similarly successful result. Lacking anything green? This would have worked just as well with tomatoes or peppers, rather than cucumber. No fresh ingredients at all? How about you try out tinned sweetcorn to replace the cucumber? Be creative!

Readers, even on days when you're so harried you're formulating to-do lists on the loo, this is proof that you can still magic up something edible and fun. I know you can.

Keep it up!


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