Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Recipe: Plum Power Smoothie
Time taken: Ten minutes tops
Ingredients: 2 plums, 1 banana, 1 tablespoon of porridge oats, 150ml of vanilla yoghurt

Hi readers!
It’s Wednesdayyyyy! The half way mark of the week. You’ve made it half way, you can DEFINITELY make it the rest of the way now. Today, for me, Wednesday’s been pretty busy. I had a big push this morning to transcribe an interview, having lost the entire of yesterday to hangover-gate. And I did! Interview Number Ten is in the bag!
To celebrate, I needed a midday boost before I headed out for more action-packed student stuff. It was time to blend something! And what do I have in great quantities right now? PLUMS. I sort of went crazy and bought a lot of plums. A big lot. So I made up a plum smoothie recipe, to use some plums up and so I could get my daily plum hit!
Here’s how to recreate the smoothie magic, in 5 easy steps…
1. Chop up your plums and your banana.

ChefBeHere Top Tip: Make sure to take the stones out of the plums. Choking on a plum stone is not what you want in life. Because you want life.
2. Chuck them in your blender.
3. Add a tablespoonful of porridge oats.
4. Add about 150ml of vanilla yoghurt.

5. BLEND IT UP. Serve in a tall glass.
Here’s how my baby looked!

Up close, you can seeeeee the goodness.

Now, I must say, this smoothie turned out thick. It was potentially thicker than a McDonald’s milkshake. I’m talking THICK. In the end I ditched my straw and switched to glugfuls. I loved this but if you don’t enjoy thick smoothies, maybe switch some of the yoghurt for milk instead or just use a teaspoon of oats rather than a whole tablespoon.
And enjoy your fruity, pink smoothie! What do you think to plums in a smoothie? Success? Sublime? Super fantastic? Or… sort of gross? SHOUT IT OUT.

And smoothie safely,

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