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Easy Apple Crumble
Time taken: 20 mins, more or less
Ingredients: 1 apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, butter, plain flour, corn flour, granulated sugar, light brown sugar AND OATS.
Hi readers,
Your eyes do not deceive you! Today, on this momentous day, I’ve found a banging new way for students to use microwaves, this time to make magic with oats! Today is SO GOOD. Today I had a lie in, tidied all my shit, went for a really good jog in the sun and NOW THIS. I’m not sure today could be improved upon. Literally, that good.
So aside from blogging, readers, my one true love of online media HAS to be Instragram. I depend on it so much. There isn’t a day I can’t document with at least one good photo. And I’m so nosy! I love to see people’s pictures from all over the world. And to check in on Yoga Girl.
But in my house the big craze is for Pinterest. One of my flatmates in particular, let’s call her Tiddy, lives life for her pins! Fashion, hair, food, inspirational quotes… all the kinds of things I like on Instagram she pins on Pinterest! And as I follow barely anyone in Pinterest, my homepage is literally an insight into the world of Tiddy.
This morning, I was hibernating in bed with my phone and I checked in on the World of Tiddy, and found a recipe that made me want to get out of bed it looked so good!! I powered through my to-do list and made this for the world’s best lunch. It’s an apple crumble for one person that you can make without any special ingredients, and you can make it in the microwave! Genius.
I adapted it a little, but the original recipe this was based upon (thank you so much Averie for inventing this beauty!) can be found here…
To make your apple crumble just follow these ten easy steps:
1. Stick the kettle on for a cuppa and gather together your ingredients.
2. To make your crumble topping pop into a bowl: 2 tablespoons of butter, 2 tablespoons of light brown sugar, 2 tablespoons of oats, 2 tablespoons of plain flour, a small shake of nutmeg and a big shake of cinnamon.
3. Use a fork to stir it all up! Your mix should combine into a sandy, pebbly, beachy mix. Set this aside for now.  
4. Use a sharp knife to chop your apple up into cubes.
ChefBeHere Top Tip: I left the apple skin on as I hear this is where all the goodness is stored. :) This worked out fine!
5. Pop your apple cubes into a bowl along with a tablespoon of butter.
ChefBeHere Top Tip: I scooped a spoonful of butter out of the tub, then used my sharp knife to dot little bits of it all over my apples. For an even spread of the stuff.
6. Pop your bowl of apple n butter into the microwave to warm for 2 minutes, so your butter melts.
7. Take it out and add to your bowl: 2 tablespoons of light brown sugar, 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar, 1 teaspoon of cornflour, a small shake of nutmeg and a big shake of cinnamon. Stir it up!
8. Sprinkle your crumble topping over the top.
9. Pop in the microwave to heat for 3 minutes until it's bubbling and all cooked.
10. Safely transport your crumble into your hibernation zone.
ChefBeHere Top Tip: I burned my tongue on mine. Maybe leave it a minute or 2 to cool.

And you just made yourself a crumble using the microwave!
I cannot believe that this works… but it does! This recipe makes for a crumble which is EXTREMELY sweet. And it makes like a bear-sized portion of the stuff. But I am complaining about neither of those facts. Not at all. This tastes utterly scrumptious and it’s so easy to make, I’m going to be adding this to my regular repertoire, fo sho. Mmm.

Please, go give this a go. For your belly’s sake and for your happiness levels. And share with me your thoughts on microwave apple crumble! What do you think of the smell? The taste? The quantity? The crumbliness?? I challenge you to find a bad word to say about this recipe! Fill me in on your crumble feedback.
And keep on loving your weekend!

Microwave safely,


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