Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Stuffed tomato with halloumi & olives

Time taken: 20 minutes
Ingredients: A beef tomato, a pack of microwave brown rice, half a block of halloumi cheese and a handful of black olives
In the words of the great Paolo Nutini…
“Slow down… lie down… remember it’s you and me…”
I advocate you taking a moment to STOP around about now. Maybe play some Paolo. Light a scented candle. Seat yourself comfortably and straighten your back. Close your eyes and breathe in an out. Ease your jaw and allow your face to relax. Loosen your hands. And just sit.

… 1 …
How about you think of something good that happened to you today.
… 2 …
Something good that you did today.
… 3 …
A second good thing to happen to you today.
… 4 …
Another good thing that you did.
… 5 …
Then, finally, something good you could still do with today.

In my case, the universe brought me a sale at Oasis with some bargain clothes. I went for a jog. My flatmate left us baking in the kitchen (chocolate whoopie pies, oh my word). I did laundry. Today, I’m going to try to finish the book I’m reading.

And after a hectic morning I feel much better for sitting for a few minutes. Much readier to face the remainder of the day! To anyone hitting the wall with revision this January, you can do it! You can keep going. And you will and you’ll be great. You’ll ride into a sunset of success and leave your Revision Prison behind. But, first, if you need to take five minutes to sit and be a human… that’s ok.

Another trick to super fly grades? FEED YOUR MIND. Literally, if you’re feeling down then shovelling shit is the worst thing that you can do. Harsh but true. That food doesn’t care about you! It’s going to leave you on a sugar-low feeling guilty and unmotivated for revision. It isn’t your friend.

Last night I recreated summertime bliss and made myself a tea that I only ever have when I’m away on holiday. And I didn’t do a bad job! I ate like I was back in Bitez. Whiling away carefree days under the sun in Turkey. I wish! I can’t be abroad right now but I can eat like I am… and so can you. This recipe is quick, healthy and healing for anyone with January blues.

In ten easy steps, here’s how you can concoct a most Mediterranean meal…

1. Heat your grill.
ChefBehere Top Tip: If you have a George Foreman, whip it out now and use instead of the regular grill.
2. Take a sharp knife and chop your half block of halloumi cheese into a few strips.
3. Place the halloumi under the grill to cook.
4. Take your pack of brown rice and scoop about two-thirds of it out into a container. Keep this in the fridge to use another day.
5. Place the remaining third of your rice into the microwave, to heat for 2 minutes in the pack.
6. Meanwhile, chop the top off your tomato (so it becomes a lid) and scoop its centre into the bin.
ChefBeHere Top Tip: If you’ve ever carved a pumpkin at Halloween, recreate that on a smaller scale here.
7. When your rice is cooked, sit your tomato on a dinner plate and spoon the rice into its hollowed-out middle.
8. Sit the lid back on your tomato and pop it in the microwave to cook for 4 minutes.
9. Flip your halloumi in the grill so the other side can cook a while, and spoon around a dozen black olives out of your jar.
10. When your microwave pings, carefully take out your plate of grub. Add the halloumi and olives, and then serve up your Turkish tea!
It maaaay look a little something like this…
What do you think, readers? Could this plateful of food be the pick-me-up that you’ve been dreaming of? The saviour for your last week spent revising?? I hope so! I hope this food takes some of you back to your summer holidays, like me. Happy, warm memories. :)

So how do you rate my go at recreating a faraway food?? Is this a decent attempt at a stuffed tomato? Or not so much? Can you do any better?? Any top Turkish tips? Send them this way.

Remember to sit and breathe. And go karate chop your exams!

Stuff safely,

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