Monday, 26 January 2015


Hi readers,

In case you hadn’t noticed… there are some exciting changes to the blog!! Today I’ve been at home feeling quite poorly, but just about well enough to update ChefBeHere! There have been a couple of changes to the blog’s design and now there are new pages for you to take a look at. :)

To save you playing spot the difference, here is what’s different to yesterday…
ChefBeHere has a logo!
This has been in the making for a few weeks now. I turns out that I have a contact in the business, who knew! Jamie, an ex-coworker of mine and NOW an animation/video/motion graphics/online design extraordinaire (!!) was in touch over Christmas to offer his help with my blog, asking nothing in return. Such a lovely surprise! A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.
And thanks to this turn of events, following some serious computer artistry, the blog now has a fabulous logo. Which I love. I hope that you do, too!
If you’re someone who happens to be in the market for a promotional video, a website intro, a logo (though, obviously, not as good as mine) ANYTHING OF THE KIND… this is your guy. Jamie has a portfolio that you can check out online here and you can get in touch with him at You should!
ChefBeHere has tunes!
Secondly, today have set up a YouTube account where I intend to throw together a bunch of music playlists. You might like to dance around your kitchen to these, while trying out some new recipes. :) Visit the new ‘Kitchen Tunes’ page on the blog to take a look.

ChefBeHere has wallpapers!
Plus, I’ve set up a Flickr account because sometimes I like to make collages of photos in my spare time, to use as wallpapers for my laptop. A lot of these involve food and baking. Now, you can scroll through these collages online if you like and maybe pick yourself out a laptop wallpaper. Sharing is caring! Visit the new ‘Collage Zone’ page on the blog to take a look.

Also, readers, today I baked Lemon Drizzle Muffins. Utter bliss. The recipe is on the blog for you to take a look at! Today has been a day of big changes and tasty muffins. Let me know want you think to all this newness.

And take care,

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