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Ingredients: 2 large potatoes, 1 small onion, 1 clove of garlic, half a green pepper, a can of chopped tomatoes, 2 eggs, 2 handfuls of black olives, oil, a dash of paprika, a sprinkle of freeze-dried chives, salt & pepper.
Time taken: Three quarters of an hour.

Hi readers,
At last… it’s Sunday. May we all be thankful today for the Day of Rest. I hope you have a superstar, all-out, ultimate chill kind of Sunday. Complete with a scented candle and a good book.

Like this (the scene from last night in bed)
So, in my last blog post, I advocated going to sky high with end-of-exams celebrations. Drinking irresponsibly and shaking your Beyonce? Well, I did it! Friday night here was THE BOMB.

The lovely ladies I live with… and a bouncer from Riverside :P
However, probably due to the champagne you can spot in this photo here, the early hours of Saturday morning got messy! We lost someone. I took an injury to the arm. My flatmate was ill. Everyone got cold. I burned myself making a hot water bottle.

So… the last part of the night was not really great. It’s like we could have drunk SLIGHTLY LESS and woken up in a better state. And be able to remember more of the night. But Y’KNOW.

I managed to dress myself but missed my Metro. Paid £13 (unlucky number) for a taxi to work. Endured 7 hours on my feet. Regretted having drunk so much.

HOWEVER I got home and showered. And walked all the way to the road over from mine. Literally, a thirty second epic journey. And Floss had cooked me tea. My belief in the universe was restored and my belly was full!

To cook up a storm like Floss, you should have a go at this recipe from the Veggie Nosh for Students cookbook. For veggie students this book is our Bible!
Here’s how to whip up a terrific tea in ten easy steps…
1. Heat your oven to 200˚C.
2. Prep your ingredients! Dice your potatoes, chop your pepper, cut your onion into wedges and chop up your clove of garlic.
3. Boil your kettle. Then pop your potato cubes into a saucepan and boil for about ten minutes.
4. Meanwhile, heat your oil in a frying pan and cook your onion, garlic and green pepper for a few minutes.
5. Add your tomato, paprika, chives  and olives. Cook for a few more minutes.
ChefBeHere Top Tip: For the sake of your pan, keep giving things a prod so they don’t stick. There’s nothing worse than ending your meal scraping away at a charred pan. Especially when hungover.
6. Drain your potatoes and chuck them in the frying pan with your other stuff. Mix it up!
7. Spoon the contents of your pan into a greased casserole dish and make a couple of hollows for your eggs by prodding the surface of your grub using a spoon.
8. Crack an egg into each hollow and season your dish with salt & pepper.
9. Bake in the oven for quarter of an hour or until your eggs are cooked.
10. Serve it up! We ate ours with homemade chips and salad. ‘Twas a feast!
And this was our most amazing tea straight from the oven :)
How amazing it this??? No fancy ingredients and no difficult manoeuvres in the kitchen, but this looks like you’ve made something really proper and restaurant-standard! It’s healthy (full of veg!) and really warming and tasty. Our eggs went tough like a boiled egg, which worried Floss as she had anticipated runny eggs, but I thought it was excellent.
And I was just extremely thankful to have been cooked food. I was burned, bruised and tired after a day’s work. And STILL HUNGOVER. Without Floss, at best, I would have been attempting a brownie in a mug. More likely, I’d have had another bowl of cereal.

My superhero friend sent me home with survival tools
She SAVED THE DAY and I am eternally grateful
I think this dish could save your day! If you like eggs and veg and tomatoeyness then go for it!! Next time you fancy making something a bit different, or you’re just in the mood to chef it up in the kitchen and pose with numerous spatulas… then this is the recipe for you! Fill me in on how you get on with Spanish Baked Eggs. I wish you luck!

Spatula safely,

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